Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 5, 2011

70 mile road bike ride for Marge's 70th Birthday

Sometimes I am amazed by the girls in Colorado.  People are in such amazing physical shape it is amazing.  One of our friends in the ward, Marge Gunderson, wanted to celebrate her 70th birthday (yes, that's right) 70 years by riding 70 miles with her girlfriends.  It was an awesome ride, but I only rode 35 miles (but give me a little credit we were both riding one mile for each year of our birth).  She is inspiring to all of us.  You should see her ski and mountain bike as well.  I have 35 more years to be in that great of shape, right?  All of the 30 something riders (except Heidi) did a shuttle and only did half the ride.  Thanks for the fun memories and fun ride.

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