Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women's Conference at BYU with my girlfriends

 Tarra and Jill--my cute friends
 Jeena and Gina--We were roommates and carpooled together so we had a lot of great conversations and laughs.  She also introduced me to Jamba Juice--yum!
 After shopping at Nordstrom Rack we hit the Cheesecake Factory which is always delicious.
 Jill and Angie were the only two brave enough to model and dance in Angie's old drillteam costumes.  YIKES!  We have some great video of them dancing, but since I am a nice friend I will not post it until I need good blackmail footage.
 We were anxiously awaiting to hear Stephanie Nielson and her sisters speak.  Inspiring!
 Angie and Gina
 We ran into Erin Meeker--one of my dear friends from Philly so we were able to spend the 2nd day of the conference together.  It was a fun surprise and so great to see her.
 Jeena, Janice, Lara, Carla, Jill, Gina, Tarra, and Angie after Elder Bednar's remarks.
We ended the weekend with snow--despite the fact that it was the end of April--and a session at the temple.


  1. Looks like a fabulous trip with great friends! So glad you got to go. And thanks for posting picts of Angie. *Can't you talk that girl into updating her blog now and then so we know she's still alive?

  2. It was so great to see you!! Especially now that it's harder for us to pop down to Grand Junction. (Boo.) Maybe we'll have to make it a tradition to run into each other at Women's Conf every year. :) Love you.

  3. I am SO bummed! I went on Friday as well and was in that class too! I would have LOVED to see you! Glad that you had a good time. You are gorgeous!