Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tanner turns 8 and gets baptized

 Tanner with all his new gifts which included Legos, a new trick bike, a clone wars blanket, and more.
 Tanner wanted an cookie dough ice cream cake from Cold Stone.  And yes, he is wearing a wife beater tank top.  He has become a huge fan ever since Wolverine started wearing them.
 Tyler and Tanner before the baptism.  Oh, my handsome boys.
 Tanner with Grandma and Grandpa Sam.
 And with Grandma and Grandpa Jolley
 Our family with Tanner on his baptism day.  We are so proud of him.
Tyler and Tanner
 The boys, Bristol, Grandma Sam, and Me
 Tanner and Tate (Storheim) had a double party at the new Fruita Community Center complete with pizza, swimming, and a donut cake.  What more could these boys ask for?  Happy Birthday, Tanner!  I love you.

Spring Break in St. George 2011

We had a great spring break in St. George, Utah.  We shared a house with the Stegelmeier's and Quarnberg's.  It was a blast.  We haven't vacationed with these families for a long time and we forgot how much fun they are.  It was a great vacation with the family (and Preston Vance--Kaden's friend who we took along for the adventure since Kennan was on call most of the week and his family couldn't come).  The only hard thing was that we had no cell service (not even one bar to text) while we were at the house which was 10 minutes from Zion's in a little town called La Verkin.  Here are a few pics of the fun activities.
Swimming in the pool and hot tub at the house.

Lots of Mountain Biking.  We took turns riding almost every day--sometimes twice a day.   
Even the kids loved mountain biking.  Tanner did awesome on his first time mountain biking on real trails. 
I got lots of bruises, scrapes, and cuts.  Perhaps I wasn't quite ready for the technical riding in St. George, but I DID IT!!  It was great fun--despite my injuries.
 Lots of adventures to be had on the Razor's and 4 wheeler. 
 We could leave our house on the Razors and hit miles and miles of ATV trails within minutes!

 Swimming all day and night!
Warming up around the log of fire in the backyard.  Tracy, Celeste, and I.  The Frigetto's came over almost daily for fun rides, swimming, and fun.
Tyler and I went to the temple one afternoon.  It was my first time to go in the St. George Temple.  
 Our house was also only a mile or so away from a sweet BMX track.  They rode for hours.  
We also did a lot of hiking in Zion's National Park (see below)

 We spent lots of time (and money) in the rock store outside of Zion's while we waited for the St. Patrick's Day parade to end so we could enter the park and meet our friends.  Without cell service, we never hooked up with the Harmon's, Cook's, or Clifford's.  We were so close, but we missed them by minutes.
Here is another hike in Zion's!
Carson discovered powdered donuts on this trip.  He couldn't get enough of them.