Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kaden places 2nd in his LAST pinewood derby race with an original LEGO design

 I can't believe this is Kaden's last year to race in the Pinewood Derby!  Stop growing up, will you.
The cub scouts proudly showing off their cars.
 Kaden spent hours and days designing and creating his pinewood derby car out of Legos.  He is so creative and patient.  His attention to detail always amazes.  Great Job!
Carson found an old pinewood derby kit and painted and created his own Lego race car.  So cute!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trip to Vegas for Orthodontic Conference

 Tyler was excited to eat at a Brazilian restaurant and drink some  gaurana again.
 We enjoyed the Beatles LOVE Cirque de Sol performance--AMAZING and great music!
 I went to the Vegas Temple one day while Tyler was in lectures all day.
 Our good friends from Florida and Philly, Brett and Jaymie Chapman, drove up from Arizona to see us in Vegas.  We went shopping and to dinner.  It was a blast to see them again.
 We spent most dinners eating with the other orthdontists at the conference and talking about teeth.
It was a short, but fun weekend in Vegas.  I spent time at the pool reading and relaxing while Tyler was taking courses.  It was nice to get away and warm up a little.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cancer Survivor Party

We had a cancer survivor party for our friend, Stephanie, who just finished her last chemo treatment for breast cancer.  As I was uploading these photos I realized we had a few more cancer survivors present.  We all wore pink and celebrated!
 Kellene (cancer survivor), Gina, Stephanie (cancer survivor), Jeena
 Angie, Tarra, Diane
 Amber, Diane, Sherry (Cancer Survivor)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just read a beautiful poem in the April Ensign about adoption.  Earlier this morning, I was talking to one of my girlfriends about the adoption process and about how long I was willing to wait.  

Sometimes I feel like this journey was simply a learning experience for our family. 
Sometimes I think our reward may never be another child, but the lessons learned along the journey.  Sometimes, I feel strong impressions that we are missing someone.  
Sometimes, I have faith and hope.  
Sometimes, I have none.  
Sometimes, I wonder why? 
Sometimes, I wonder when? 
Sometimes, I wonder what if?  
Sometime, I will understand.

And then I read this tonight and thought, "Don't give up yet, it may take longer than you think for her to find us.  She may still be traveling 'over hills and through valleys' to find us."    

by Diana Lynn Lacey

God sends rain
Straight from the sky
To nourish the young flower
and it grows.

God sends rain from the sky
To the mountaintops,
Then over hills and through valleys
Until it reaches the flower
and it grows just the same.

God sends a child
Straight from His realm
Into a mother's arms 
and love grows.

God sends a child
From heaven to another's arms
Then over hills and through valleys
Until he reaches the arms of his mother
and love grows, just the same.