Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Almost got picked...

Well two weeks ago, we ALMOST got selected by a Birth Mom.  We were in the top 3 favorite families spot, but didn't make the final cut.  We didn't actually meet or even talk to the BM so we weren't too emotionally invested or hopeful about the opportunity.   However, I must admit that when our caseworker contacted us my mind started to wonder and dream and get anxious about whether or not this could be the ONE we were led down this path to find.  The adoption process is such a crazy journey to participate in.  Some days I wonder why we started it, but I KNOW it was the path we were supposed to take.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's Eve at the Petersen's house with the kids and Keatons.
 Amazing Food and Fun!
Jared set off huge fireworks (stadium style).  We were very impressed and a little scared.
 We were FREEZING on New Year's Eve.  It was very low single digits which was hard to adjust to since all of December it was in the 50's.  I think I prefer the warmer temperatures.