Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kaden Turns 10!

I can't believe my first born son is 10 years old.  Where has the time gone?  We are so proud of him and the example he is setting for his younger brothers.  

I received an unsolicited E-mail from his 4th grade teacher this week:

"Good aftenoon. I just wanted to let you know that your son, Kaden, is a joy to have in the classroom. He is responsible, polite, funny, and bright. You have done a wonderful job raising him which makes my job both easy and delightful. Thank you."

It is always nice to know that your kids are behaving when we are not around. He is having a fabulous year (three blue ribbons for excellent behavior) already. Way to go, Kaden.  We love you!

 Kaden wanted an authentic Indiana Jones whip for his birthday and was so excited to get it.
 Opening Presents--Thanks to all his friends and family for the great gifts and money.
 Eating at Olive Garden--Well we were eating pasta and it looks like Carson was eating his boogers.
 Make a wish!  He requested a Cold Stone Oreo Cake instead of homemade concoction this year.  Does that mean he is growing up?  No light saber cake?  No Indiana Jones creation?  sniff- sniff
 Swimming with his friends during the party.

He had a small birthday party with his friends Rylan, Preston, Noah, and Austin.  They played Lazer Tag, Dodge Ball on the trampoline, and went swimming.  They had a great time!  Happy BIrthday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bird Hunting Fun

Tyler spent a couple days driving and a couple of days hunting birds in Montana with Jess Lyman and their dogs.  It was like a man's dream vacation.  I on the other hand find NOTHING exciting about LONG road trips (16 hours each way), walking around in chilly fields (they were close to Canada) and shooting and fetching birds.  Men?  He had a great time so I was happy about that.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekeend on the Mesa--Camp Awesome!

After hours of driving around trying to scout and reserve the perfect spot for our Labor Day getaway with our friends we found CAMP AWESOME!

The first night we celebrated Angie's Birthday.  
Of course she requested a rice crispie cake--my specialty.

Kaden catches a few fish in the lake. It made his day.

Carson and Carter spent hours each day creating battle scenes with the Toy Story Army Guys.

We took our 4 wheeler up which was a blast.  It served as a great taxi to the lake for the fishermen.

Keaton caught eating cheese balls.  He totally regretted pounding those down by that evening.  
You will have to ask him about the details :)

We all piled into the back of the Frigetto's truck to get to the trailhead of a fun little hike.
The Jolley Boys at Atkinson Lake.

Tyler buys a dutch oven, watches tons of you tube videos on how to bake in it, and then creates two yummy desserts.  He impressed everyone with his fresh peach cobbler and berry cobbler.

The boys resting after the hike to the lake.

Mom and Kaden

We had lots of fun times at the campfire each night.  Charades, scary stories, alien encounters,
games, and a testimony meeting on Sunday evening.  
Great memories with the Frigetto's, Vance's, and Clifford's.

It was so beautiful!

CIRCLE THE WAGONS--This was Tyler's dream come true.  He has always wanted to have a circle of trailers composed of family and friends with our own secluded area in the mountains.  Does life get any better than this?  It is so peaceful and relaxing.