Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! I can't believe I'm 35!

To celebrate my birthday with the family we attended the Jon Schmidt piano concert.  He is in the background giving the thumbs up sign.  It was thoroughly entertaining and the boys loved it (well, Carson actually fell asleep near the end).  I loved taking my entire family to a cultural event.

Monday, August 30, 2010

We Finally Made it to the Mica Mines!

The hike begins....
They loved finding quartz rocks all along the trail. They were super excited to find one this big.

Climbing and exploring en route to the Mines.

The boys look a little guilty--not sure why? I am certain they had mica rocks stashed in their pockets because all of our laundry came out with shiny metallic fragments for days.

The Adamson's enjoyed the hike even though it started to rain. Unfortunately, Tyler and Makaela had to leave before we discovered the mines because she was getting her braces on that day and the assistants were meeting them at the office.

Exploring one of the caves.

Carson and Saige always trying to climb as high as the big kids.

The cousins are happy about their discovery. We got a little lost at the end and fortunately Uncle Steve went off exploring and found the mines. We have been planning this hike for 2 years and something always comes up--weather, schedules, etc. so the kids were thrilled we finally made it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rock Jam 2010

The line-up that we watched was Heart (my favorite concert of the weekend), Cinderella, Finger Eleven, Thunderstruck, Buckcherry, Hinder, and Alice Cooper (yes, he is just as weird in real life). Rock Jam is a once a year event where I realize the sheltered life I live. It's amazing that we drive 15 minutes away from home and enter a dimension I didn't know existed. It's kind of like visiting the Telestial Kingdom and perhaps brushing shoulders with a few from Outer Darkness for a couple of days. It is true old school rock n roll with a few contemporary bands.

We get VIP tickets so it is all you can eat, drink, and experience in 2 days. It is fun to be the ones downing water bottles, G2 and Diet Pepsi (wish they had Diet Coke) and watching upstanding citizens in the community and some who never left the 80's booze it up and make fools of themselves while entertaining us. There are lots of missing teeth, big hair, and crazy outfits. We of course justify (but feel totally guilty about the starving families in the world) taking one bite of anything we want and throwing it straight in the trash if it is gross. Then we move on to the next booth. We figure since we aren't drinking we need to get our money's worth, right? We always have a fun time experiencing Rock Jam and feel like we live charmed lives when we leave the outdoor arena and come home to our families.

Deedee and Steve
Potato Chips fried up fresh (or not so fresh) at Rock Jam!
We were in VIP seating, but this is the scary stuff they offer in General Admission.
Check out all the gluttonous options! Scary!
Tarra decided it would be fun (and totally disgusting I might add) to tell the boys that the fried candy bars were the most amazing thing she had ever eaten. She was so convincing that they ordered a fried Twinkie, fried Snickers, and a fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cup to try. It was gross, but everyone should try it once in your life. I LOVE dill pickles, but when the lady in front of us was dipping her fried dill pickle in Ranch dressing I almost dry heaved.

Day One of Rock Jam--we are so close to the stage.

Deedee and I splurging on the cheezy tots. One of the indulgences of the weekend. If I wasn't at Rock Jam they would probably never pass my lips, but they taste so good every year.
The annual rockers: Tyler & Jeena, Tarra & Kirk, Deedee & Steve (taking photo) We definitely missed the Harmon's this year. It's not the same without them, but the Rock Jam ticket people accidentally gave away their seats--bummer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Tyler didn't schedule early morning patients so he could drive the boys to school. They thought "it was so awesome" to go to school in the Shelby GT500. Carson was squealing when Tyler peeled out in front of our house. I just don't get the fascination between boys and fast cars.
Kaden (age 9) Going into 4th Grade with Mrs. Ward
Tanner (age 7) going into 2nd grade with Mrs. Clark
Carson (age 4) 2nd year at Joyful Journey Preschool with Ms. Jayne and Ms. Wendy

Have a GREAT year! I love those boys, but they are getting so big (sniff)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cleaning Tips I Learned from the Temple

We drove to Utah to clean the Monticello temple. It was a huge road trip because we had actually driven from Craig, Colorado that morning so it we drove over 500 miles on Saturday. I don't love sitting in the car, but it was actually kind of cool service to clean the temple. We have never had the opportunity to do that so it was quite enjoyable. We stopped and had dinner together in Moab. (pictured Jimmy Hillan, Tyler, Jeena, Kennan and Angie Vance--Leia Hillan was taking the picture).

Tips I learned from cleaning the temple:

1. If you wear clean white socks when you mop it doesn't leave little footprints. So, to be truly effective I would need to make my boys wear clean white socks when they come in the house. I have a long way to go since they wear their clean white socks out in the dirt and then tramp through the house with their dirty socks on.

2. Perhaps if instead of just writing down their chores, I had them carry the detailed explanation of each chore in their pocket and then had them return it before heading to the next chore. This might help them stay focused and not forget what they were doing and would have a reference for exactly how it should be done. i.e. Perhaps if I provided them with detailed instructions about how to clean their rooms step-by-step might be more effective then shoving everything in their closets.

3. When everyone helps (8 of us were there) we finished in just over an hour. If I clean by myself it can take all day.

4. Attitude makes all the difference. Everyone was happy to clean the temple--even Tyler. He said that he even felt the Spirit cleaning the Celestial Room. (lucky--I was hoping for that job)

5. Even socks at the temple lose their mate. I was thrilled to see a little basket of socks in the temple laundry room "needing a mate." I felt much better about my mothering and domestic skills when even the temple loses socks. Where do they all go?

6. Perhaps if everyone that came to my house took off their dirty clothes and shoes and traded them for clean, white ones (and they didn't ever eat in undesignated areas my house would stay pretty clean as well:)

So what do you wear when you clean the temple? I always wondered. They give you super comfy white scrubs to wear--awesome! Another perk was that what other time do you get to roam around the temple at your will? I even peaked in the Celestial Room for a minute (since Tyler and Angie stole that job) just to make sure it looked clean.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Congrats to my hubby who is ON THE COVER of Orthodontic Products Magazine for August 2010. He developed a new respect for models as he had to get up before the sun came up three different mornings to get the "perfect shot" for the cover. The first morning it was bad weather. The second morning the photographer's battery was dead. The third morning the stars were aligned and it worked out perfectly. Check out his featured interview and make sure you read the "Finding the Happy Zone" box at the end of the article. One of my favorite lines: "It's safe to say that he is the only skateboarding and snowboarding ortho/perio dual specialist on earth." Love ya babe!

Article link http://www.orthodonticproductsonline.com/issues/articles/2010-08_01.asp

Cover link is http://www.orthodonticproductsonline.com/issues/2010-08.asp

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend at Silver Jack

SILVER JACK--Camping Expedition #2
These are the views from our campsite. We were in for a pleasant surprise because we pulled into camp with the Vance's and Hillan's in the dark night and had no idea what kind of views we would see when the sun came up. We stayed up late the first night trying to get the gas working on our trailer, wondering why no one noticed that our fresh water tank that we just had fixed was leaking since the fill-up station, and whether to stay or go back home. Fortunately, after a rocky start we had a great and relaxing weekend.
The first night we stayed up and watched the meteor showers.
Kaden, Preston, and Kennan enjoyed swimming down the river---brrrr!
Saber was exhausted from all of the hiking and swimming in the river. He sat regally in the sun posing (resting) for a waterfall picture.
Carson and the boys always dress up in their Indiana Jones gear when we hike and go exploring. The new hit for this trip was the lazer tag gun fights. (sorry no pics of that) It was quite the hike to get to the secret lake with lots of big fish. Lots of nibbles, but Kaden was the only one to catch a tiny fish and throw it back in. Despite the lack of success, it was still a beautiful afternoon.
Tanner is enjoying fishing at the lake.
Keaton came with us again for the weekend. It is so fun to have him around. We won't know how to go camping without his help and fun. He was the "Adventure Master" this time and kept the kiddos entertained for hours playing adventures in the trailer.
Tyler is sporting his new FIVE FINGER BAREFOOT technology shoes and his trek poles. We thought he was a little wackadoo wearing them hiking, but supposedly he is feeling great and strong. Tyler, Kennan, and Saber hiked the Alpine Trail for a couple of hours. It was an intense uphill climb for a couple of hours to reach the Palisades.
Kaden and Tanner were soaked after swimming and playing in the river.
Here are the boys dripping wet after their adventures in the river just be
Carson spent hours throwing rocks in the river and hiking along the shore.
If you look really closely at the top of the waterfall you can see Uncle Keaton waving his arm. He was brave enough (or crazy enough) to climb the rocks to the top of the waterfall and whistle at us to get our attention. Of course, Carson was determined to "climb up there with Keaton." He said he was "big enough" to go. Thanks Keaton! Why do even big boys have to do scary stuff like that? Just for the thrill or the challenge?
Here is the family at the waterfall hike. It was beautiful and the kids loved climbing and playing around the waterfall.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Battle of the Jolley's vs. the Parasite Weeds

We could not get two parasite weeds out of our bushes. We spent hours digging, pulling, breaking shovels, tearing apart straps, and they would not budge. We finally got the F150 involved and pulled one of the bushes out on the 6th attempt. Carson was thrilled to find one of the roots because it "looks like and Indiana Jones whip."

We finally WON! Here is the evidence from one of the evil weeds.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adoption Urgency

We are so grateful for the intense promptings we received last February. The experiences we had urging us to get certified to adopt through LDS services (ASAP) were unsolicited, but undeniable. I have written down all the experiences, but don't want to blog about them--yet. We always thought we would adopt someday, but that someday was not something we were considering this year or actually any time soon. I checked into LDSFS and Foster Care as well as a few other agencies and felt strongly drawn to LDSFS. That is why the experiences were even sweeter because I for one rarely receive such strong inspiration when I am not actively pondering and praying about things. Once our application was completed and everything except our interviews were done, we felt completely peaceful about the process.

Well, six months later the urgency to begin our process is starting to make sense. As of August 1st, LDSFS changed the guidelines again for adoption. Since we have three sons already, we would not have qualified to adopt through LDSFS with the new rule. (the new rule does not allow applicants with more than two children to apply) However, since we are already approved and in the system we are "grandfathered" in and can still adopt through LDSFS. Yeah!

We feel grateful that the Lord guided us down this path and that we listened. To be perfectly honest here, it was one of those times where we HAD to listen because the promptings were not so still and small this time. It was impossible to ignore. We are impressed by how much the Lord loves this birth mother and her child by preparing us to welcome them both into our family. We can't wait to find them someday. Wow, the worth of every soul is great.