Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girl's Weekend at Cobble Creek Canyon

I really cannot believe we at at Inn N Out Burger on a Girl's Trip. I guess I am the only one that thinks that is a total guy place. We were trying to go somewhere quick so we could make it to the movie on time. The funny thing was half of us ended up at the wrong movie theatre on the on the other side of town. It was kind of funny, but we all reconnected and only missed the previews.
We had a great weekend getaway with 11 of my girlfriends. We ate, shopped, and talked a lot. We also went on a run through Cobble Creek Canyon (beautiful) and went to the Provo Temple.
This is us outside of the cute cabin we stayed at. Thanks to Gina Cook's relatives.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carson finishes his first soccer season (and possibly last)

So I thought it would be fun for Carson to try soccer this year with his friend Carter. I was lucky enough to coach because no one else could do it. Fortunately, U4 kiddos don't require a lot of soccer skills so I pulled it off with my acting skills and creative games. Unfortunately, Carson hated soccer. He had to be bribed into playing at all. He was typically seen with his whole body wrapped around my leg as I tried to bribe him to play for just 30 seconds. He was always cold, tired, or just didn't feel like playing. I'm not sure if it is because I was the coach or that he was too young or it just isn't his sport, but he did not have a fun season. It was LOOOOOONG for all of us. Nearly every kid was in tears at some time during the game. They didn't like other kids stealing the ball from them even though I tried to explain that was the game. However, by the end the kiddos actually learned a lot and started understanding the game.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adoption Update

Well, as most of you know we are in the process of adopting. Last weekend, Tyler and I went to Denver with Beau and Sarah Ross (our friends who are also trying to get certified to adopt) for our Core Training Adoption Seminar and the Colorado FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) conference. The required training was surprisingly good--we were worried about sitting in class for hours. They took us through the adoption process, provided parenting tips, and had a birth mother panel with young girls who had placed their babies for adoption. It was great. Of course, I always feel a little guilty (my own personal hang up) gathering with other hopeful adoptive couples who ask, "Oh, so you already have three biological?" One couple in our group has been married for 23 years, another couple 15 years without children. However, despite the fact that I feel like they look at me as if I am "stealing" a potential child from them (again I am sure they don't feel this way) I have inner peace knowing that we were inspired to proceed in this direction. The adoption process is a little scary, intimidating, and overwhelming since it is a process we have little control over.

We had a nice weekend. We attended the Denver Temple for our first time, hit Nordstrom Rack, Whole Foods, and PF Changs. We have already incorporated two parenting tips we learned that the kids are very excited about.

1. Each Fast Sunday Tyler will do PPI's with the boys. They started this Sunday and they were begging to go first. Each of the boys made goals and talked about things they could work on such as not arguing, reading more books, doing better with their prayers, etc. I hope this new tradition continues to be a success.

2. Our caseworker suggested that each day we devote at least 30 minutes to unstructured play time with the kids. They get to make the rules. They get to win. No instructional tips given. They are giddy with excitement each night planning what we will do with them. We don't answer the phone, or text, or pull weeds while playing with the kids. They love the undivided attention. So far variations of dodge ball, baseball, and Wii tournaments are the activities of choice. Thirty minutes isn't long, but in they LOVE it.

When we returned from Denver Saturday night, Carson ran out to the car and gave us a big hug. He then looked around for a minute and said, "Where is my baby sister? I thought you were bringing her home?" His face became sullen and tears rushed down his face. So sweet! He is still trying to understand the whole adoption process. The boys are very anxious and excited to "find" their little sister because as Carson states, "We have too many brothers."

Well, we will keep you posted on our progress. Another interview and home inspection this month and we should be wrapping up the process.