Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Grand Canyon

We visited the Grand Canyon during Spring Break. It was very cold, the trails a little icy, and it snowed on day two, but still beautiful.
We were all huddling under this tree for warmth and protections from the blizzard while we waited for any tour bus to stop and pick us up. That was our one and only time we got off the bus on the tour because we were freezing and the blizzard blocked all of the canyon views anyway.
The boys were able to sample a cactus flavored salt water taffy on our nature hike. It was much better than expected.
The boys, especially Carson, were excited to see the Grand Canyon Train.

Kaden, Tanner, and Nick proudly displaying their Jr. Ranger Badges and Certificates that they earned on our Grand Canyon Adventures. Way to go boys!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Carson Turns 4!

Carson at Kidzplex for his birthday party.
Carson helped decorate and make his M&M cake. I loved it because it takes a lot of pressure off of me to make the perfect cake and he thought it was great fun.
He was very excited to get his own little Lego guys (so he can stop stealing his brother's). Thanks to all his cousins and grandparents for the great presents. He loved the cars, legos, gift cards, money, and movies.
He shares a birthday with his good buddy, Ben Heaps, so Diane and I had a double party for the boys at Kidzplex. It was a perfect place for a bunch of high energy preschool boys.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Traditions!

We are carrying on an old Jolley/Hall Family Tradition called the Easter Egg roll. Tyler grew up hiking up to "Chocolate Rock" with his grandparents and family and would roll the Easter Eggs down the Sandstone Hill. We tried to find our own spot this year. The terrain was a little rough and the hike a little steep. We will try to find a better place next year.
Carson was excited about rolling his eggs.
Golden egg Tradition: The kids get the most excited to find the golden eggs on their hunt because they always contain money.
The Easter Baskets
Carson on the hunt. It was freezing Easter weekend.
Coloring Easter Eggs!
Carson loves the baby chics at the Kohl's.

Tanner is on the hunt for the annual ward Easter Egg Hunt. This year it was at the Kohl's.
Ready, set, go! The little kids had their own area (without BIG kids) to find the eggs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Tanner! I can't believe he is 7.

We took Tanner and one of his friends to Diary of a Wimpy Kid for his birthday. He loved it--especially since he has been reading the books. He got lots of great presents (Legos and iPod) but the pictures didn't turn out for some reason. Happy Birthday, Tanner!

Tanner wanted an ice cream cake this year. Of course, he wanted Cold Stone to make it so it was delicious.