Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Party!

The Birthday Girls--Susan, Emilee, and Sandra blow out the candles on the "Black Forest" cake.
Jenni and I planned a fun New Moon and Birthday Party! I think over 35 came. So fun!
Monica, Heidi, Dixie, Leia, and Susie---hmmm. Jacob or Edward? We had mixed teams before the movie, but by the end Team Jacob was definitely in the lead. The new beefed up Jacob was a hit for the ladies.

Kellene, Gina, Lana, Celeste, Susie, and Heidi enjoying an Italian inspired dinner with Italian Creme Soda. The food was amazing.

Enjoying a quick "bite" before the movie.
We all wore paper plate necklaces with a pictures of Jacob or Edward on it to the show.

Kaden is Legal

Kaden goes duck hunting with his dad. He was a little disappointed that it wasn't a successful day. They didn't see much or shoot anything.
Kaden gets his first license--He is legal at age 9.

Kaden was so nervous to take his Hunter's Safety Exam! Congrats, Kaden!
Not only did he pass, but he only missed three.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Philly Girl's Trip to NYC

Okay, so Andrea and I spent weeks planning our Philly Girl's Trip to NYC. We were so worried about the apartment we rented but it was the perfect location (one block from Times Square) and it had two bathrooms and three bedrooms. We scored! Had this same apartment been anywhere besides NYC we would have been a little grossed out.

Andrea, Erin, Kim, and Angie with the (Soon to be famous) opera friend at the Piano Bar. I was amazed by the talent in that room. This was not a typical karaoke piano bar. This was like sitting through a Broadway Review with amazing musicians and actors.
Jeena, Andrea, and Erin doing the "Conrad Birdie" scream after the show. It was a delightful production with John Stamos--though I must say Broadway musical scripts have gotten a lot better since the Bye Bye Birdie days.
We all did a session at the Manhattan Temple. It was beautiful and a refreshing--especially in contrast to the noise and fast paced life of the city.
Jeena, Angie, Chelise, Erin, Kim, and Michelle outside of our apartment. The location was great, but it was a little noisy at night and our scarier radiator friend in the front bedroom made for a few sleepless nights. Or maybe it was the fact that we stayed up til 3:30 everyone morning to talk and catch up. It was a fun getaway with great friends, amazing food, and splendid shows. I saw Lion King (2 1/2 hours of stunning eye candy)--fantastic; Billy Elliott (life changing and brilliant. Loved the dancing and story). I had to beg Angie to come since the scalper would only sell me two tickets and I was dying to see the show. She was bawling her eyes out by intermission so I think she was glad she came. I also saw Rock of Ages with Constantine from American Idol. (great 80's rock and roll--but super raunchy so I left at intermission) And Bye Bye Birdie--which was fun and cute, but pretty shallow. Still an entertaining production. I HEART BROADWAY!! Thanks to my friends who were patient with me as I spent most of the day trying to secure tickets to the show I wanted to see next. Too many shows--not enough time.