Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever!!

My girlfriends decided to throw me a garage cleaning birthday party since they were tired of my complaining about it. They know me so well. Nothing makes me happier than lots of bins, a label maker, good friends, and organizing. Thanks girls!
Tyler was thrilled that we cleaned the garage for his car.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harry Potter Patient Appreciation Day

We invited all of our patients to the opening weekend of Harry Potter. It was my event to organize so I was so happy and exhausted by the time the movie started that I think I need to go see it again. We gave our patients Jolley Smiles T-shirts and hats. We also gave out lots of water bottles to the kids who answered Harry Potter Trivia questions correctly. The patients had a great time. I think we handed out over 250 tickets to the event. I was too busy running around to get any good photos of the event though. --- sigh:(
Thanks for all your help Sydney!
Waiting to pick up tickets.
Frank and Kylan Frigetto--VIP patients and friends

Monday, August 10, 2009

Provo Half Marathon

Jill, Carla, Tarra, and I headed to Provo to take Sydney halfway home (so sad) and to run the Provo Half Marathon. We met the Daniels’ in Provo to send Sydney off. I will really miss having her around. All the kids miss her too, because she was like everyone’s older sister. We went shopping, out to dinner, and had a great girl’s weekend. A few other Frunner’s (Michelle and Kelly) as well as Susan, Susan, Amber, and Kelly ran the race with us. It was freezing at the beginning, but it was a beautiful downhill run through Provo Canyon. It was a great course, but very disorganized. We headed home that evening after the race and ended up in Nephi before we realized we had chatted ourselves 40 minutes past the Highway 6 exit. Too much fun--(sorry Carla) who was trying to get home to drive to her family cabin that night. It was a long drive home—which made us a little sore the rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The not so dry "DRY" bag

So Sydney, the Kohls, Jill, Dallin, and I decided to float the Colorado River on tubes. It was fun until we realized that the dry bag with my iphone and camera was a little damp inside---It ended up being a very expensive tubing day with the loss of my two favorite things—but it was sunny, warm, and relaxing. We had to do it because it was on Sydney's must do list for the summer:)
Jill stays dry on her deluxe tube that kept her completely suspended from water. I made her share the tube the 2nd half of the float.

Sydney and Dallin before the float.

Moonlit Hike at Serpent's Trail

For FHE we (along with the Kohl’s, Heaps, Harmon’s,Frigetto’s, and Clifford’s) took the kids on a 4 mile moonlit hike upSerpent’s Trail in the Monument . On the way down we had a little devotional/object lesson (good job John)about the Holy Ghost being like a flashlight. It was a beautiful view to see the city at night. The kids of course had a great time.