Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Goin' Fishin' at Flaming Gorge

Tyler spent a guy's weekend at Flaming Gorge fly fishing. It was a little cold, but apparently awesome. It was a successful getaway. Tyler caught 46 fish in two days and was very happy. I am still trying to understand a sport where you catch and release all the fish you catch. I would love to have fresh trout grilled in tinfoil next time (hint, hint) Man, I miss my dad--he had perfected the art of grilling fish. The boys had guides take them down the Green River on drift boats for the Blue-Winged Olives Hatch. I am sure they will go again if anyone is interested in a repeat fishing weekend. Corey Heaps, John Wood, Dennis Johnson, and Tyler stayed at the Jolley cabin. Other than lots of spiderwebs, it was perfect accommodations.

Tyler got home late Saturday night and slept in Sunday morning. I told Tanner to take his dad breakfast in bed.
"When did he come home?" Tanner asked surprised.
"Late, last night while you were sleeping," I replied as I handed him the plate of waffles.
"Woah, he is just like Santa Claus. He can sneak home in the middle of the night without anyone knowing."

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Easter Sunday--they wouldn't stop and pose for a picture, but I did get them to pause while they were racing around the tree outside.
Decorating eggs with the Harmons.

Jolley Smiles 2 Fruita Ribbon Cutting

After almost a year of stress, planning, saving, and begging for funding Jolley Smiles II is NOW OPEN!! Yeah--we are excited to have a permanent new location for our satellite practice in Fruita which is actually where we opened our doors almost 3 years ago. I will take pictures inside once it is decorated and all of our furniture arrives. The waiting room has been furnished with my dining room chairs for over a month now. If you want to check out the before pictures of this old house that we gutted and our Grand Junction office go to www.jolleysmiles.com. As for the ribbon cutting, Tyler was quite disappointed when he found out the giant scissors were just a prop and didn't really cut the ribbon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Carson's Turns 3!

Carson turns 3 on April 10th and it is all about trains and cars.
He loves his new train/car table. It keeps him entertained for hours.
Grandma and Grandpa Jolley came over to celebrate with us. Thanks! Tanner wasn't feeling well so we ordered take out from Red Robin and celebrated at home. I am kind of sad that my baby is already 3.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tanner turns 6!

Tanner blows out the candles on his cake. Is he really 6?
Star Wars Asteroid Hunt!

The lightsaber cake!

Yum!! Carson licked BLUE frosting off lots of cupcakes. I even found him on all fours licking frosting off the hardwood floor after he dropped one cupcake.

Tanner had a family party and a friend party this year. He wanted to go to Chili's so he could get molten hot lava chocolate cake. Tyler's favorite dessert as well.
Kaden and Tanner loved all the Clone War gifts. I wonder how many Star Wars parties I will throw for three boys. Tanner even tried to sneak into the chapel today with his jedi cloak on. Fortunately, he didn't make it pass the drinking fountain so I was able to make him take it off and remind him that jedi's can't go to sacrament meeting.
Thanks for all the great present from friends and family who spoil my boys.