Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break in Arizona

Kaden rock climbs at Amazing Jake's.

Tyler enjoyed mountain biking in Arizona this year without the girls so he could do some REAL trails.

Mesa, Arizona Temple

John, Gina, Jill, and Jeena bring out the rollerblades and cruise the community. A few blisters and a couple of out of control moments later (Gina had no breaks) we made it back alive.

The Tea Cups at Amazing Jakes--even in small scale they make me sick.

JD and Kaden bury Tanner in the backyard.

Hours of fun at the swimming pools.

Awesome water slides!

Lots of great dinners without the kids. Always take a nanny on vacation.

Spring Training Baseball Game--Mariners vs. Cubs
Kaden and Tanner loved watching the game and getting lots of autographs.

Devil's Arch in Sedona.

The Harmon's in Sedona

Carson loved hiking to Devil's Arch.

All those boys--10 boys one Clara.

Canyonlands Half Marathon

Jeena, Tarra, and Lara!
Funny Moab Moments:
"These are such great port-a-potties. I can't believe they put a purse holder in them. Did you see it next to the toilet?" Tarra exclaimed.
"Ummm, yeah, but that was a urinal."
"Oh, no I put my whole bag in it," Tarra admits before gagging. (DISGUSTING)
Lara expressed, "I am so proud of myself. I ran 13 miles today! Did I tell you that, yet?" (yes, Lara, at least 40 times during the drive home, via text message, E-mail, etc. We are proud of you!)
The invention of the personal port-a-potty. Very easy to make: One garbage sack, one hole in the top, insert head, squat, and you have total privacy--anywhere. Several Frunners used this invention.
Our new Frunner shirts.

Diane and I stayed together through the finish line. We were the only ones worried about running alone so it worked out great. Thanks, Diane!

Freezing in the canyon before the race in our sweet Goodwill pajamas.

The Frunners had a great time running the Moab Half Marathon last weekend. It was much warmer than last year (which made me happy). It is so fun to run with all of my girlfriends (except Angie--we totally missed you)! I got my PR for this race--which isn't saying much, but I was much faster than last year.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kaden Wins the PInewood Derby!

Kaden was so excited to win his first Pinewood Derby. Unfortunately, this sets a very high standard for the rest of our boys. His win was quite a surprise since Tyler had given him the following chat, "Now, Kaden, I want you to know that I never won the Pinewood Derby growing

Kaden, "But Uncle Keaton won didn't he?"

Tyler, "Yes, but that's because he was the 3rd son and Grandpa had figured it out by then."

"Okay," Kaden said. However, I think this motivated him. Several nights I found Kaden asleep in bed with his car and several grits of sandpaper on his bed. He painted and varnished it several times and spent some good quality time with his dad. Special thanks to the Nielson's for their garage and all the tools they loaned to the scouts. Especially with 40 minutes to the race time and his car weighed 6 oz. This caused major duress for Kaden and Tyler, but the Nielson tools came in handy as they lightened the load. I never knew there were so many rules.

Way to go, Kaden!