Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ski Day with the Divas

Happy Birthday, Diane!  We threw a birthday extravaganza for Diane at Powder Horn Ski Resort with all of our friends.  (L-R) Tarra, Angie, Jeena, Heidi, Carla, Lara, Diane, and Jill.  We never stopped laughing.  We swapped great stories in Tarra's van, ski lift rides, and during lunch.  What a perfect day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Eve

Carla and Jeena celebrating the New Year!
All those boys--really?
Happy New Year to my UPS man!
New Year's at the Frigetto's

There's No Place Like GJ for the Holidays!

Keaton made a great wiseman.

The Christmas pageant. Thanks BB for playing Mary.
Thomas the Train was a hit for Stockton and Carson.

Kaden loved his Star Wars Lego.

Michelle and Kate--finally a little girl to sweeten things up over the holiday.

The "Domestic Divas" would be so proud--I am even teaching Carson how to make Cinnamon Rolls."

The 3rd annual GJ Jolley Trap: We are carrying on the tradition of 3 generations. Tyler's Jolley Grandparents used to trap their kids from getting down to Christmas too early. This is how it works: The kids go to bed upstairs and the parents start the trap at the landing and down to Christmas. The objective: the kids try to break through the trap without being heard so they can see their surprises bright and early. If we hear them we can send them back to bed until later. Britain (even 5 mos. pregnant), Ben, Keaton, Kaden, Tanner, and Carson made it down the trap this year without ringing too many bells. Thanks to Britain for the "trap training" she has given the boys the last few years. She completely equipped them with trap belts, scissors, cotton balls, squirt bottles, etc. to get down effortlessly. What a fun tradition. Thanks to Elliott for helping build it this year with Tyler.

New pajamas for Christmas Eve.

Jolley Holidays

Steve and Tyler--really? You're too old.
Steve, Deedee, and Mom at the Cheesecake Factory.

Saige, Eliza, Abigail, and Carson playing in the fountain during dinner.Spenser, Sydney, and Makaela

Tanner, Zack, Steve, and Stephanie
Abigail, Saige, Ashley, Allison, Ben, and Jacob with Eliza in front.

Stephanie, Mom, Jeena, and Deedee at dinner.
Party with the cousins at the Adamson's.
Ben, Allison, Abigail, Eliza, and Jacob at our Chrismas party in Bountiful.
Is Tyler really giving Saber a bath in MY TUB!!!! AAAHHH!!! The joys of the family dog.
Carson with Santa at the Kohl's nursery party. He wasn't afraid this year.
All the girls went to the Nutcracker. I loved it, of course. I haven't seen the Nutcracker in years.Home for the holidays.
The Daniels', Adamson's, Jolley's, and Malnar's enjoyed a great holiday together.

Snow Fun!

Skiing and snoboarding with the Malnar's, Adamson's, and Daniel's in the most amazing snow. It snowed a foot while we were at Brighton. It was powder paradise.
Carson is roasting marshmallows at our neighbor's winter bonfire.

Tanner's first day snowboarding. He is getting so big. It was really cold and he still loved it.
Tyler, Keaton, Ben, Kaden, and Tanner snowboarding at Powderhorn.

Rio de Janeiro

The tropical and ethnic food is always fun to try. I loved the cheese bread, rodizio style meat and pizzaria houses, cornmeal restaurant, beans and rice, and Fogo the amazing flame grilled tropical restaurant in Rio.
On the forest trail at Sugar Loaf.
We stayed at the Copacabana Palace in Rio this December. We also visited Sao Paulo and Goiania. It was a relaxing and fun vacation--more for me than Tyler because he had to lecture several of the days.
Tyler with the Christus. We had to wait a long time for the clouds to move so we could get this shot along with hundreds of other tourists. We had a fantastic time in Rio.
We are enjoyed two Gondola rides up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. We enjoyed the views, forest hike, guadana, and pao de quiejo on our journey at the top.
Here we are at Corcovado View in Rio where the Christus (below) overlooks the city. Beautiful!

Here is a picture of the famous Christus overlooking Rio de Janeiro--one of the most beautiful and wicked cities in the world.

Thank you for starting my blog!

Thanks to Jill and Diane, two of my awesome friends, who started my blog for me--even though their post was a little embarrassing. But, then again, I do agree that I have PERFECT friends :). One of my 2008 New Year's Resolutions was to start a blog and on December 23rd my friends didn't let me fail. They created Jolley Land--yeah! I think that still counts as accomplishing a goal, right?